How does a headline analyzer tool work?

Typically a headline analyzer tool will take a simple approach to scoring your headline…

but understanding how successful a headline will be is far from simple


Let’s keep it short

Most headline analyzer tools score a headline using relatively simplistic algorithms that search for keywords, phrases, expressions, and a few more variables.

The more advanced analyzers use complex calculations across hundreds of variables, with some even combining neurolinguistic and machine learning techniques to improve their accuracy. 

However, since there’s no such thing as the perfect headline, there’s no such thing as the perfect headline analyzer…

What are the basics?

A headline analyzer tool breaks down your headline and to score each word, phrase and expression. Some combine these results, whilst others assess their impact on the reader separately.

It then determines how likely those words are to engage readers.


Engagement is key

At 25 Headlines, our complex algorithm calculates hundreds of variables, words and phrases.

This allows us to provide an accurate engagement score

Using the latest research and machine learning techniques, we can determine how likely a headline is to drive traffic, capture attention, increase shares, and rank better in search results.

We’ve then combined this with the concept of writing 25 headlines – you can read more about why here. Plus, provide you with valuable feedback for every headline you write, to help you improve.


There is such thing as negative engagement

Our engagement score ranges from -5 to +5 for a reason.

Certain words, phrases, ideas and concepts can actually have a negative impact on engagement. People can be less likely to read, click or share headlines if they contain these.

And the perfect headline doesn’t exist, so don’t worry if you don’t score a 5!

(learn why positive engagement is important here)

Try our free headline analyzer tool

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